Economy and work: the digital marketplace to discover typical products and Sardinian excellence

Understanding where to open an online store is important to maximize sales, but certainly Sardinia is a region that has many typical products to offer, in fact, the Sardinian excellence are really numerous and the digital market could be a source of income and allow small local entrepreneurs to promote the tradition of food and wine. Selling online is not always easy and it is necessary to study well the dynamics and understand the most appropriate reference sector, the best marketing strategies and also the sales methods that can be less risky. In the last case, it could be useful to study what dropshipping is, a very simple way of selling that allows you to sell online by acting as an intermediary between the buyer and the supplier. Typical Sardinian products are exported all over the world, so opening an eCommerce could be a very good idea, especially in the light of the data emerged from the lockdown period, which have seen online stores resist the crisis and even multiply their sales.

Here are the typical Sardinian products to offer and sell online. Honey Sardinia is not only clear sea and crystal clear waters, among the typical products, Sardinian honey has a thousand-year tradition that goes back to Aristeo. It is said that it was he who imported the art of preparing honey, an effective remedy in traditional medicine and a confectionery speciality. There are many variations on the island.

I culurgionesA typical dish of Ogliastra, the culurgiones are ravioli that are prepared with water, flour and a filling of sour cheese and potatoes. They take the shape of a pointed croissant and are among the Sardinian specialities most popular with tourists on the island and around the world for export. There are different varieties and types depending on the area in which they are cooked. Tuna The Sardinian seas have offered the best tuna for more than 500 years, the most prized type is the Corsican tuna, whose meat is rich in numerous nutrients for the human body.

The flavor is delicate and can be cooked alone with different seasonings, or become the protagonist of many recipes. Sardinian tuna is appreciated by the best chefs all over the world. The name " Corsican t una" derives from the migration of the fish, which between April and May move quickly towards the channel of Sicily, passing through Sardinia. BottargaThis food is made from salted and naturally dried fish eggs.

The varieties of fish can be tuna and mullet (also called mullet), both of which have a delicate flavour. This type of fish is prepared in many areas of the island, its flavour is delicate and it is a very delicious starter. You can accompany it with a side dish of celery or artichokes and season it with a drizzle of oil. Sardinian PecorinoThere is no need for an introduction for this type of PDO cheese that identifies Sardinia all over the world.

It is packaged in caciotte that do not exceed 3kg, for this reason they also allow a shipment without any particular problems. There are two types: sweet or mature. The main difference is based on the period of maturation.