Want more traffic for your webpage? Use a free QR code as a contemporary advertising tool!

You want to advertise your new online shop discreetly but effectively? Or bring important information about your service offer to the man or woman briefly and crisply? Then the use of QR codes is exactly the right advertising medium for you! How a QR code works and how you can generate your own code free of charge and without any IT knowledge is explained here!Advertising medium QR code: What is behind it? The QR code was developed in Japan in 2004 and is actually a two-dimensional version of the common barcode that is usually used to label sales items in stores today. The small square box is a real data monster, because it can hold enormous amounts of data. According to the developer, up to 4,296 alphanumeric characters are possible. To read this data, the interested end user needs a so-called QR code reader.

No problem, because the reader can be downloaded as a free app from the Internet. If you want to decode a QR code, you simply start the scanner app and hold it over the black and white matrix. The data contained, from the Internet address, to business card information, to short advertising texts, are immediately decoded by the app and the result is presented to the viewer. There is no easier and faster way to bring an advertising message to the interested customer! Over the years,QR codes have become a popular and successful part of a common marketing strategy.

They can be used in a particularly simple way to stimulate customer interest in the product portfolio of one's own company and to generate additional traffic on one's own website with the aim of increasing sales. More and more self-employed people, from the freshly baked online shop owner to the seasoned businessman or woman, are discovering the possibilities of the small advertising signs for themselves. This is really hardly surprising, because QR codes can actually be used everywhere, such as imprinted on coupons, handouts and business cards. You can use them to conveniently point out special promotions on your own website or even in a store location, like an exciting contest or an unusual sales promotion.

The effort to create a QR code is negligible compared to the many variations of use.Generate your own QR code quickly and free of charge: Here's how! With a QR code generator, anyone can generate their own two-dimensional barcode within seconds. Thanks to the generator, no technical knowledge is required. All you need to create a small matrix is the reference to which the QR code should link, the corresponding text and your own email address. The generator immediately encodes your information and then sends you the finished code by email.

When you find the small square in your mailbox, everything else is in your own hands. You decide where and how you want to spread your individual advertising message. The positive effects, such as increased traffic or rising sales figures, you will hopefully notice quickly afterwards.Could we arouse your interest in first own attempts with a QR code? Don't be shy, it's worth a try, because it doesn't cost you anything!.